Jennifer Anders

CrossFit Eminence is nothing short of amazing. They have the best coaches, equipment and the gym/equipment is always clean. The coaches are very passionate and knowledgeable. CrossFit Eminence as a whole always wants each person to be successful in all they do and is very supportive.

I started CrossFit a little over 5 years ago. I started so I could lose a little bit of weight. I didn’t think I had much to lose and felt I was in okay shape, lmao. I never played sports and avoided gym class as much as possible. My first crossfit coach, Lindsey, was very helpful and caring. She helped me feel confident in all the movements of that days WOD. It was definitely a struggle at the beginning but I trusted the coaches had my best interest in mind and would lead me to a healthier lifestyle. I continue to struggle and 5 years later I still know the coaches have my best interest in mind. If it wasn’t for the coaches of Crossfit Eminence I wouldn’t be where I am today. Not only have they helped me be in better physical shape, they’ve also helped mentally. In these short 5 years I’ve had many struggles. The only consistent positive thing in my life has been CFE. I am very thankful to Lindsey and Kris for the knowledge staff/coaches they provide, the amazing community they’ve built and making my second home the best place to be. I’ve watched CFE and Lindsey and Kris struggle and grow the best crossfit box in Colorado.

During all the growth of CFE the coaching, atmosphere and community was never tarnished. Thank you Kris and Lindsey for the all the amazing things you do for me and the CFE community. Here is to 5 more years and more square feet.