Personal Training

Meet your personal fitness goals safely and effectively with personal training services from CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, CO, located just north of Denver. Get yourself into shape or train for a big event. Our National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainers (NASM-CPT) can help you finally achieve the results you’re looking for!

Customized Coaching Can Help

If you’ve been working out on your own, you may wonder why you’d need a fitness trainer. A gym personal trainer can be an essential part of helping you achieve performance goals, providing motivation for sticking to a healthy lifestyle, and give you that accountability most of us need to keep going.

For weight loss, athletic goals, body toning, muscle building and proper nutrition, our personal trainers can help you realize your full potential.

  • Provides Education For Success
  • Helps You Maintain Proper Form
  • Assists With Your Unique Needs & Requirements with Customized Plans
  • Promotes Setting Realistic & Attainable Goals
  • Challenges You
  • Guides You In Forming Healthy Habits
  • Helps Hold You Accountable
  • Maximizes Your Results

Avoid Injury & Get Educated

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to ensure your safety and avoid injuries when working out. Especially when you’re just starting or thinking about trying something new. Many people become seriously injured utilizing equipment they have never used before. Injuries can impact health and fitness training for months or even years. Instruction on proper technique, greatly reduces your chances of injury.

Private coaching gives you the knowledge and guidance you need to ensure that you are using proper form and posture when performing different exercises. The best personal trainers have received professional training. They can teach you the right moves – specific for you – for maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

A Fitness Routine Specifically Designed For You

Each person that walks into our gym comes in with different abilities and objectives. A workout routine that works great for your friend, neighbor, or spouse may not get you the same results. A personal trainer keeps your physical limitations and current fitness level in mind when creating your custom workout.

Your moves and routine will be tailored specifically to your personal performance goals. Enjoy faster progress and inevitable success with a program designed just for you.

Pushing Limits & Keeping You Accountable

Forming new habits takes time. It can take even longer to break old bad habits. If you have ever planned a workout only to find yourself not following through, a personal trainer can provide the accountability you need.

Once we have you here, we can help you push through physical limits safely. Let us help you achieve more than you thought possible from your workout.

Ready To Achieve Your Goals?

At CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, CO, we want to help you meet and exceed your body and performance goals. Our personal trainers and private coaching may be just what you’ve been missing on your fitness journey.

Contact us today to book your consultation and free first session with one of our friendly fitness coaches.

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