CrossFit Eminence Weekly Programming Notes – 1/10/2022



Fun week this week, as we have three triplets (three movement WODS), a couplet, and a single modality workout this week. In addition, we will continue our 5/3/1 back squat cycle, which will have us lifting heavier percentages with varying rep schemes (5, 3, and 1+). Remember the percentages are based on your 90% of your 1RM. Today’s workout has some higher technique work with Snatches, Bar Muscle Ups and some bike work and it is a really spicy one. Sunday’s workout is a team workout, which allows you to break up the reps, however you like.

Cardio Club

This week’s cardio programming is all about building up volume on the rower. We have some distance priority work, and they are some longer distances – remember our goal is to PR our 10k, so we will need to build up some endurance on the rower to continuously row for that distance. In addition to the rowing, we have some fun floor work that will focus on some muscular endurance for your upper and lower body.

Olympic Weightlifting

It is the start of another deload week in Oly – where we see the percentages stay the same with slightly less volume. The intensity remains high, with the focus on reduced sets to manage fatigue.

Strength and Muscle

Week 3 of our cycle, which has a focus on restorative health. We will continue to go heavy on the Good Mornings as well as the pause bench, but the dynamic days will be focusing on building lots of volume over time to help promote muscle and joint health. Don’t miss these workouts!

Kids Class

Classic CrossFit will continue to be the focus this week, as we will be working in couplets and triplets all week to help improve their general physical preparedness this week

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