Weekly Programming Notes – 10/11/2021

CrossFit Benchmark


We are testing our progress this week. Each workout done this week has been completed in a previous cycle or it is a 1 rep maximum test. The goal of this week is to identify if your current training strategy is providing the expected improvement toward your short term goals. If your focus has been a strength or muscle increase, we hope to see your 1 rep maximum numbers improve. Conversely, if you were focused on improving your endurance or trying to reduce body fat, we hope to see some increases (faster times or more rounds) in the metabolic conditioning workouts. If you need some help analyzing your results or some advice on refining your plan for your goals, let us know and we can help!  

Cardio Club

Our Cardio Club programming this week will focus on various types of interval training – our working interval durations are slightly larger than last week. We also have a time priority work session to help slowly build up volume and endurance. An RPE scale will be utilized for two of the three workouts, which can also be gauged by your heart rate monitor. This is the first week since bingo started that we will have an opportunity to do a zone match class. Make sure to sign up for Saturday’s class if you need that block. 

Olympic Weightlifting

Our Olympic Weightlifting programming this week continues it’s preparation phase. The volume stays the same for this week, but the percentages (Intensity) increases. It is similar in format, just some primer exercises and muscle building accessories have changed. As a reminder, we have the In-House Weightlifting Competition at 2:30pm this Saturday – so sign up, or come support the lifters! It is a fun way to test your max lifts for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk in a low-stress competition setting.

Strength and Muscle

Final week to test out the Box Squat and the Medium Grip Bench Press. We will be moving on to new lifts starting next week. We have steadily seen some nice increases week over week and would like for that trend to continue. The focus on accessories this week is the chest and triceps for upper days, and back and explosive power on the lower days. 

Kids Class

Our kids class will continue to work on the Snatch technique this week. The gymnastics focus will be pullups and trying to develop some pulling strength and stamina. There will also be some fun games and conditioning workouts to increase their GPP.  

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