Weekly Programming Notes – 10/18/2021

Push Press


CrossFit is starting a new macrocycle this week, which will have the main focus on continuing some heavy lifting. We saw some nice progress in the back squat and will try to build on that with the front squat. The format will be a little different from last time, and the accessories will have a little bit more structure around them, but we are still working them hard, since they are what will help us break those personal records.

We will also continue to have a heavy lift, then workout day, but the purpose of these heavy days is more to utilize the movement as a primer for the workout and to practice with some heavier loads. Even though we did not go max effort on these days, it still provided some personal records in the Olympic Lifts last cycle, so keep that in mind as we enter into this new cycle. Also included in the cycle, will be a focus on unilateral work (lunges, dumbbell snatches, etc…). It is always good to incorporate unilateral work into training as it helps reduce imbalances (right to left) and also you get the added benefit of working those stabilizers and midline. Additionally, we will have some single modality days (one movement), and we will continue our classic CrossFit programming with triplets and couplets, with varied movements across various time domains.

Cardio Club

Cardio programming will focus on various types of intervals – 1:1, 3:1, and 4:3 work to rest ratios, which will help us increase our aerobic capacity. Some of the intervals will utilize a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale, while others will require you to go all out during the work session. These will be challenging, but there are proven benefits to this type of training.

Olympic Weightlifting

We continue our last week of the preparation phase and will go into a deload next week. The programming will be very similar to last week, with similar percentages, but we will be working toward some rep maxes at the end. As a reminder, here is how our week is broken out: Monday’s are Jerk focused, Tuesdays are the Snatch Day, Thursday is our Clean day, Friday is our Power (Power Clean and Power Snatch) and Overhead day, and Saturday is our Snatch and Clean and Jerk day.

Strength and Muscle

Our completed our 3-week microcycle, and it is time to change up the programming. We will be focusing on a vertical push with a heavy emphasis on shoulder work this week for our Maximum Effort day. Our lower day will focus on some deficit deadlifts, at a larger deficit to help us with our lift off the floor. Dynamic days will include some repetition method to work on restoration, general physical preparedness, and a great way to increase volume.

Kids Class

Our kids class will include some triplets and couplets, similar to the adult CrossFit classes. We will continue to work on Olympic Weightlifting technique and will also work toward improving the handstand. 

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