Weekly Programming Notes – 10/25/2021

CrossFit Deadlift


Our strength day this week is a movement (Sumo Deadlift) that we don’t perform too often in CrossFit, but it provides enormous value in developing hip, glute and hamstring strength, which carries over to all of our lifts. Make sure not to miss Tuesday this week to get in this movement. Our single modality workout of the week is on Monday – the Clean and Jerk. We have a great opportunity to practice barbell cycling with a more complex movement! To finish out the week, we have a nice mixture of a higher volume chipper, and a sprint workout that includes a higher technique movement in the rope climb. Friday we will practice some Snatches and will finish it off with a nice Halloween themed workout – don’t forget your costume for this one!

Cardio Club

Since the gym will be closed this weekend for a CrossFit Level 1 seminar, there is only one Cardio Class for the week. This class will work on building some distance through interval work at a specific RPE (7). We have done this one in the past, so you can try to improve your time, but the goal would be to see if you can hold a slightly higher rate at a lower heart rate. We will also complete another MyZone match class, which is always fun.   

Olympic Weightlifting

We are shifting to our competition phase in the programming as there are 4 more weeks to the weightlifting competition. This means that we will focus more on the classic lifts, the volume will go down, but the intensity will go up. Percentages for the lifts will go up, but there will also be movements where we work up to a heavy single for the day and base your percentages off of what you make. Time to lift some heavy weights!

Strength and Muscle

Our Strength class performed a short microcycle focused on overhead work, and now we will be heading into a new mesocycle to try and improve our top end of the squat and deadlift and bench press. This new cycle will have some carry over for both lower and upper, and will include some lower rep ranges for a few accessories to help build strength in some different positions.

Kids Class

Last week’s focus was increasing the Clean technique – we will do similar work this week for the Snatch, while also trying to increase our General Physical Preparedness with some fun circuit training.

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