Weekly Programming Notes – 11/1/2021

CrossFit Jerk

Reminder: We are starting our nutrition challenge this week, so sign up here! It’s not too late to join the fun… work toward a chance to win some awesome prizes.


We have some higher technique work this week, starting off with power AND squat snatches today. All of our workouts are task priority this week, a.k.a. ”For Time”, workouts, which means we will have to watch our pacing, know our numbers, and know when to push when we need to. There is a fun burpee workout on Wednesday that does include Muscle-Ups, which also makes it high technique, so make sure to come in for that one. Our unilateral work this week is in the form of a single arm thruster on Friday and it is paired with some box jumps to jack up your heart rate. It should be a fun week, so keep showing up!

Cardio Club

There is a mixture of time priority work and intervals this week for our Cardio Club. I’ve also included some restoration work to help keep the body healthy with all this volume. You will see a lot of banded work in the next few weeks, so enjoy! Keep pushing those intervals hard, as you won’t see improvement unless you get uncomfortable. The Friendsgiving 5k is out there in Zen Planner, so sign up now! Only 3 more weeks until we re-test the 5k. 

Olympic Weightlifting

We are on week two in our competition phase, which means similar volume but slightly higher percentages. There are still the “high sets” method for some of the lifts per day, so build to something high, then work off the listed percentages based on your highest lift. Also, if the percentages aren’t feeling good during your training, you can always treat it as RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion). If it lists 70%, you can treat it as RPE7, or something that feels like a 7 for the day.  

Strength and Muscle

Week two of our current mesocycle that is focused on improving out of the hole in the squat, and off the chest on the bench. If these are areas where you struggle, come on in and get some work in! Remember, our goal is to try and improve week over week to account for the law of accommodation. Not only does this apply to our main lifts, but it also applies to all of our accessory work.

Kids Class

Classic CrossFit is on the menu this week, as we will be working in couplets and triplets all week to help improve their general physical preparedness.

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