Weekly Programming Notes – 11/15/2021


Schedule notes for the next two weeks: Saturday we will be fully closed as we have multiple athletes competing in the Denver Fall Throwdown at the Denver Barbell Club. On Sunday, we will have our Friendsgiving 5k starting at 10am. On Thanksgiving Day we will have two class options: 8:30a and 9:30a.


We are starting back up our CrossFit mesocycle where we left off. Again, the focus on this cycle is to continue with our strength focus (Tuesday’s workout), Classic CrossFit (couplets and triplets) and some of those fun accessories. Tuesday’s Strength workout looks to be a treat as we will be doing three of the nine foundational CrossFit movements (the Press series – Strict Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk) in an ascending rep scheme. Thursday we also have a treat, one that we have done previously – it’s a long cardio workout. Overall this week, we continue to have some higher skill movements, a nice variation of time domain workouts, and some fun strength work.

Cardio Club

We only have one day of Cardio Club classes this week to ensure we are preparing our bodies for that 5k on Sunday. It has been a long 8 weeks, but the effort will pay off. We learned a lot about pacing, how high we can take your heart rates, how long we can sustain specific paces, and how far we can push our bodies. For those doing the 5k, I would taper off your training near the end of the week, and probably treat Friday’s workout as an Active Recovery Workout – Ask your Coach for suggestions. It has been a fun mesocycle that showed us that you can prepare for a longer run, without putting in a lot of running volume.

Olympic Weightlifting

Peak Week! We start off the week with some higher intensity (especially on the Snatch), but it quickly drops off as we near Saturday’s competition. On Thursday everything drops down to 70% to help us continue getting some work in without affecting our CNS too much, and on Friday we will take the day off to fully recover for Saturday. For those that have been also doing CrossFit with their Weightlifting training, I would stick to very light weights and low volumes and probably would not do a CrossFit Workout past Wednesday.

Strength and Muscle

Typically after our 3 week cycle, we like to perform some sort of vertical press to mix things up, but due to CrossFit’s programming this week for their strength workout (Tuesday), we recommend trying to get that workout in. We have swapped the lower and upper days to mix things up so Monday and Friday will be Upper and Wednesday and Sunday (No class this Sunday) will be lower days. We will stick with this schedule for the next mesocycle and then revert back. Our focus for the bench is fixing our lockouts, and for the lower day we will be working on our deadlift and try to improve our posterior strength.  

Kids Class

Classic CrossFit will continue to be the focus this week, as we will be working in couplets and triplets all week to help improve their general physical preparedness.

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