Weekly Programming Notes – 11/22/2021

Front Squat

Schedule notes for this week: On Thanksgiving Day we will have two class options: 8:30a and 9:30a. Friday, our classes will be back to normal with a fun workout planned.


We have a bunch of spicy couplets this week to prepare us for Thanksgiving Day, and a special workout on Friday to help us burn off that turkey! Monday’s workout is an EMOM that includes lateral box jumps to help us get strong in the frontal plane – CrossFit does majority of the work in the Sagittal plane, so it’s days like this that helps us bring up deficiencies. Tuesday is our unilateral day, which includes some taxing work on the midline since we have overhead lunges and toes to bar. Our strength day is on Wednesday with pause squats, while our Thanksgiving workout includes multiple ARMAPS with running and Olympic Weightlifting. Definitely don’t miss Friday as it is a “choose your own adventure” style of workout to help burn off all those calories from Thursday.

Cardio Club

We ran the 5k yesterday and saw some great results. Everyone pushed hard and we saw some awesome improvements from the initial test we did at the start of the cycle. We will move to a deload for the week to help recover from the 5k training, and we will start a new focus for our Cardio Club next week.

Olympic Weightlifting

We had 4 athletes compete at the Denver Fall Throwdown at the Denver Barbell Club on Saturday, with two of our athletes qualifying for Nationals. Congratulations to everyone that competed this week! We will also be moving into a deload for our Weightlifting class for those that need it and will start a new cycle next week. The next cycle will be technique focused so expect to see a lot of complexes and volume in the next 12 weeks.

Strength and Muscle

Our Strength class will continue our mesocycle from last week, which is focusing on building strength in the chest as well as continue to improve upon the accessories to help us with the top half of the bench. We are also working on the sumo deadlift on maximum effort lower, with accessories to improve the posterior chain, which will help with the lockout at the top of the deadlift

Kids Class

Classic CrossFit will continue to be the focus this week, as we will be working in couplets and triplets all week to help improve their general physical preparedness.is week

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