Weekly Programming Notes – 11/22/2021

Palloff Press

Eminence In-House Team competition is on January 8th, 2022. Sign up for the comp here: https://forms.gle/C7UPbuNQtC6rycCCA


This week we start things off with our unilateral focused workout that includes kettlebell cleans and front rack lunges. Unilateral work is important to help us identify imbalances from side to side, so don’t miss this one. We have two benchmark workouts this week with our Tuesday workout being “Fight Gone Bad”. Classic workout that really tests your cardiovascular conditioning and it gives you an opportunity to really push during the workout. Our Heavy focused workouts this week include the bench press and a weightlifting complex. On Saturday, we have another team workout, which switches things up a little, more than previous weeks.

Cardio Club

We are starting a new training block with a focus on improving our rowing technique and conditioning. We will be building up to a lot of volume on the rower over these next 12 weeks – so if you ever wanted to get better at rowing, or just increase your conditioning, this cycle is for you. Concept2, the brand of rower that we use in the gym, is currently having a challenge to complete 100k meters from November 25 – December 24th. If you are interested in competing, sign up for a concept2 logbook online and use their application while rowing during the class. Make sure to sign up for the Eminence Row Team when signing up. Here is more info about the holiday challenge: https://log.concept2.com/challenges/holiday

Olympic Weightlifting

We are changing up the programming a little for Olympic Weightlifting starting this week as well. You will see more complexes and volume, especially in the squats to help us build up our technique and strength over the next cycle. Come join us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to refine your technique or build up your Snatch and Clean and Jerk, which can be applied toward CrossFit WODs, or competitions. Our next In-House Weightlifting meet will be in March, and there is an opportunity to compete in a sanctioned meet in March as well.

Strength and Muscle

This is the last week of the mesocycle for Strength, which means time to fully max out on our main lifts. The focus this cycle is on the incline bench and sumo deadlift and we have been steadily seeing increases in weight. Let’s push the weight this week and see how high you can go.

Kids Class

Classic CrossFit will continue to be the focus this week, as we will be working in couplets and triplets all week to help improve their general physical preparedness this week

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