Weekly Programming Notes – 11/22/2021


Eminence In-House Team competition is on January 8th, 2022. Sign up for the comp here: https://forms.gle/C7UPbuNQtC6rycCCA


Big week this week, as we have three benchmark style workouts and two Olympic lifting strength/technique workouts. Today’s workout will be “Chad” in honor of Chad Wilkinson – click here if you would like to read more about Chad Wilkinson and the workout. We typically do this workout on Veteran’s Day, but since we were on a deload, it made it challenging to include it in the programming. For those that were still able to do it on Veteran’s day this year, this will be a good opportunity to improve upon your time, or you can also use it as an opportunity to change the stimulus – add some weight, try it without weight, scale reps, etc… For those doing our In-House competition you will have lots of opportunities this week to develop strategy, and to work on some synchronized work (Saturday’s Workout) – both will be needed for the comp. Speaking of our In-House comp, remember to sign up here (each person needs to fill out the form) – Please sign up as soon as possible for me to get an accurate headcount.

Cardio Club

We are continuing with our 10k row programming, which is focusing on helping increase aerobic capacity, building up rowing volume, and refining technique. Last Sunday, we practiced various stroke rates at different intervals to help identify when to use which rate. We will build off that this week, with more of a focus on interval work to also help increase our aerobic capacity. If you don’t plan on completing the 10k, there is a huge benefit to taking these classes as it is an opportunity to deep dive into rowing, which will help you with the competition as well as any CrossFit workouts.

Olympic Weightlifting

Week 2 of our new cycle, which means we will be increasing our percentages. The programming for the most part, is similar to last week but with added intensity. Last week was challenging as there was quite a bit of volume for each lift, we will continue the volume again for this week. Keep up the great work and really focus on refining the technique. Remember that you can always treat the percentages as an RPE, so a 70% could be an RPE 7 for the day if you had some BLG (Basic Lifestyle Guideline) issues (sleep, eating, recovering, and hydration)

Strength and Muscle

We are starting a new macrocycle with box squats (back and front) and vertical pressing (push press). Remember the first week is typically our baseline week – we will build up to a heavy weight, but be very mindful of technique. We are working toward right below technical failure (once your technique starts to break down) and will try to build off that for the next few weeks. This applies to both the main lift and any accessories. Our accessory work this cycle will be heavily focused on triceps, back, and building explosive power.

Kids Class

Classic CrossFit will continue to be the focus this week, as we will be working in couplets and triplets all week to help improve their general physical preparedness this week

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