Cardio Club

Introducing the Eminence Cardio Club Class at CrossFit Eminence!! We know that longer, cardio respiratory training is perfect for individuals looking to lose weight, train for a race, increase stamina… for anyone and everyone who wants to build up a sweat and improve their health! Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or already an advanced athlete, moderate to vigorous high-intensity training can benefit your health by increasing healthy cognitive functions, reduce the development of chronic diseases, while increasing overall health.

The Benefits Of Eminence Cardio Club

Our cardio classes are popular for both their high-energy atmosphere and the number of great benefits these workouts provide.

  • Great For All Fitness Levels
  • Easily Modified For Your Needs & Experience
  • A Challenging & Varied Workout
  • Total Body Functional Training
  • Quick Results
  • Helps Aid Weight Loss
  • Increases Endurance and Stamina
  • Can Boost Mental Health
  • A Socially Supportive Atmosphere

Cardio & Strength For Fitness Success

Give your heart, lungs, and nearly every muscle in your body a good workout. Our Eminence Cardio Club provides you with an invigorating mixture of high-energy cardiovascular exercise and circuit training.

Our Eminence Cardio Club has programming based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Optimum Performance Training F.I.T.T.E (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, and Enjoyment) principle. This principle focuses on three different zones of training to help manage intensity, through multiple type of activities, ensuring consistent improvement of cardio respiratory fitness levels while limiting over-training and injury.

We’re All Friends Here

Exercise with us in a socially supportive environment. Fellow gym mates can help hold you accountable while providing the motivation and encouragement you need to keep going when things get challenging.

What Are Eminence Cardio Classes Like?

All of the exercises and movements are explained by your fitness coach during each class, and each class has a purpose with heart rate goals to hit. Our heart rate monitor system allows you to visually identify if you are meeting the goals, keep you motivated, as well as help track your progress during each class. Even if you have no prior class experience, you can easily and safely join in. We incorporate cardio, resistance training, and core work with a variety of exercises you may be familiar with. 

Each class consists of varied cardio sessions, which includes running, erg rowing, and stationary biking with various time domains or distance targets. Every class also utilizes circuit training in order to increase stabilization, flexibility, strength and/or power. Keep motivated as we work on different aspects of cardio respiratory fitness, with various levels of intensity. Coupled with our CrossFit and Eminence Barbell classes, we have everything you need to meet any fitness goal!

We may incorporate dumbbells and/or kettlebells for strength work and to help build lean muscle mass. You don’t need to bring any special gear or equipment to class. Wear your normal workout clothes and shoes. Don’t forget to bring water with you to class, you will be sweating!

Transform Your Body

This fitness program helps speed up weight loss by getting you moving and burning those calories. The circuit training also increases lean muscle mass, to help aid in burning extra calories.

You will notice your endurance and stamina increasing as you continue to participate. This type of total body functional training better prepares you for real-world activities.

Intense exercise classes are known to release endorphins that can improve your mood and reduce stress. No wonder you feel better when you commit to getting fit.

Cardio Classes Near Denver

If you’re ready to get fit at CrossFit Eminence, we have a multitude of classes and programs to help in Thornton, CO, including our Cardio gym classes. Contact us today to get started or for more information.

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