CrossFit Eminence October 2021 Gym Review

CrossFit Press

October was an exciting month for CrossFit Eminence. We made some changes to the schedule to include 5 days of periodized programming for Olympic Weightlifting, and 4 days of Strength training (Conjugate Method) programming. These classes have been popular and we have seen some dramatic improvements in both – personal records, week over week, in our conjugate training and significant weightlifting technique improvements, which has been extremely rewarding.

We also completed our test week in CrossFit this month and we experienced improvement in our strength, based on our Back Squat results, improvements in our Olympic Weightlifting technique via personal records in the Clean and Jerk and Snatch, while also improving upon benchmarks like Helen and Christine and other previously completed metcons (faster times or more reps).

Two of our coaches also focused on continuing education and acquired their USA Weightlifting Level 2 Certification. The Level 2 certification builds off of the Level 1 and also covers competition coaching and strategy, advanced programming, effective communication, and additional weightlifting exercises that help improve weightlifting technique. Both coaches look forward to applying it in our upcoming classes.

At the end of the month, we had a special Halloween WOD that led into our Halloween party. It was a fun night of eating and games for the entire family that brought out the competitiveness in everyone. 

We capped off the month hosting the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course seminar, which we always love to do. We feel very fortunate for the opportunity to host, as it is such a great seminar, led by amazing coaches, and we recommend it to everyone interested in learning more about the CrossFit methodology.   

Now that October is over, we expect big things in November – starting off with our “Maintain, not Gain” Holiday Nutrition challenge, which will help everyone develop and maintain healthy habits during the Holiday season. The goal is to not go over 1% of the starting bodyweight throughout the final two months of the year. In addition, we’ve included two mini challenges – a daily step challenge in November and a water consumption challenge in December. Later in November, multiple athletes will be competing in a sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting Competition, the largest number of Eminence Barbell Club competitors will be participating since COVID, which is great to see. We also will be hosting, our soon to be, annual Friendsgiving 5k at the gym – the 5k will be our normal gym route in Thornton. The Cardio Club programming has been leading up to the 5k and we look forward to seeing the results – we expect some very fast 5k times! After the run, we will have our Friendsgiving and enjoy all of those excellent Thanksgiving dishes. Finally, we are excited to start our 2021 intern program! It will definitely be a great November…

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