Eminence Barbell Club

At Eminence, we value hard work, consistency, and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. When you start incorporating strength training into your gym exercise routine, you not only burn calories but increase lean muscle mass. Our Eminence Barbell Club is registered as a USA Weightlifting Club, and are coached by only USA Weightlifting certified coaches.


Eminence Barbell Club – 

Olympic Weightlifting


SnatchOlympic Weightlifting consists of two competition lifts – the snatch, and the clean & jerk. In comparison with other strength sports, which test limit strength (with or without lifting aids), weightlifting tests aspects of human ballistic limits (explosive strength); the lifts are therefore executed faster—and with more mobility and a greater range of motion during their execution—than other strength movements.  The lifts performed in the sport of weightlifting, and in particular their component lifts (e.g. squatsdeadlifts, cleans), are commonly used by elite athletes in other sports to train for both explosive and functional strength. 

At Eminence, we love Olympic Weightlifting, so we offer Olympic Weightlifting classes for both the beginner and the advanced athlete multiple times per week – all coached by our USA Weightlifting certified coaches. The classes provide a periodized mesocycle that culminates in an In-House Olympic Weightlifting Meet, which provides a low pressure competition setting to help our members push themselves and get out of their comfort zone. Work towards your goals, and stay motivated to be consistent!!

Eminence Barbell Club – 

Strength and Muscle

The Strength and Muscle program develops absolute strength utilizing several variations of the Powerlifts, which include the squatbench press, and deadlift. Whether you want to compete in Powerlifting, develop additional strength to increase performance in CrossFit, to retain strength and muscle as you grow older, or for any additional reasons, this program can help achieve those goals. 

Each class consists of a single main lift and multiple accessories aimed to develop individual weaknesses in an effort to increase performance. The main lifts are constantly changed to keep things exciting, avoid accommodation, and to manage fatigue. 



Barbell Club: A Comprehensive Weight Lifting Program


Our unique Barbell Club prepares our serious lifters to compete and be successful at all levels of competition.
In addition to weightlifting and powerlifting training, we also offer the following:

  • Train Athletes & Teams For Sport Specificity
  • Assist CrossFit Athletes In The Olympic Lifts
  • Develop strength to increase CrossFit performance
  • Personalized Training & Programming
  • Host USAW Certifications

Get Lifting In Colorado

At CrossFit Eminence in Thornton, we’re not one of those intimidating weight lifting gyms. We have a specially designed weightlifting area and access to a multitude of programming. Contact us today to see how we can help you get started in this incredibly rewarding area of fitness.

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