Meet Our New Coaches

I’m truly excited to announce that we have officially added two additional coaches to the team this month. Both have been a part of the Eminence Ohana for years and bring a wealth of CrossFit and coaching knowledge to the community. We adhere to a strict set of core values here at Eminence, and expect our Coaches, as well as members, to exemplify these values on a daily basis – we believe both of these individuals are true ambassadors of the “Eminence Way”. So please help me welcome Perla and Josh to the team!

Meet Our New Coaches:

Olympic Weightlifting, Snatch, CrossFit

Josh Barron – new coach of the 12:00pm Class on Tuesday and Thursdays

  1. How long have you been at Eminence? I have been at CFE for 6 years
  2. How long have you been doing CrossFit? Also 6 years
  3. What is your Fitness/sports background? I have been an athlete all my life, I started gymnastics when I was 7 years old and competed every year until my senior year of high school.  I did college and masters diving for 5 or 6 years and still dive with my buddies on occasion. I love diving and CrossFit to this day and still find myself cliff diving in the Rocky Mountains once in a while. 
  4. What is your coaching background?  I have coached gymnastics for 3 or 4 years and coached diving for 6 years on an off. I have coached kids, as young as 2 and 3, for gymnastics and all the way to college level diving. 
  5. What you do you enjoy about coaching CrossFit so far? Coaching CrossFit is great. I love coaching in general and I love watching my lovely noon classers suffer through great workouts, and helping them with little things that make workouts that much easier.  I love getting to know athletes and helping tailor the workouts to their strengths and weaknesses.
  6. What do you bring to the team?  I bring a coaching background that allows me to be confident as a CrossFit coach right off the bat.  I can see little details in movements that come from years of watching, coaching, and being coached as a gymnast and diver.  I also have a wealth of knowledge on gymnastics movements, body awareness, and a passion for growth and improvement. 
  7. Favorite CrossFit movement? Squat clean … and muscle ups. 
  8. Favorite CrossFit movement to coach? I like helping people with muscle ups. I really like coaching Olympic lifting movements as well. 
CrossFit, Deadlift, Workout

Perla Juarez – new coach of the 7:30pm Class on Monday and Fridays

  1. How long have you been at Eminence? I was born and raised in Mexico City, my first language is Spanish, and I’ve been at Eminence for almost 3 yrs.
  2. How long have you been doing CrossFit? I started doing CrossFit when I got here, so basically almost 3 years
  3. What is your Fitness/sports background? I was always a very active kid (not by choice but my mom made me do stuff). I swam competitively until I was 12 and did a lot of folk dancing during my childhood.  I later joined an indoor soccer team and played for about 8 yrs. I also played basketball, but for obvious reasons I had to work harder (I’ve always been too short) I did capoeira, jazz, and Pilates through high school, then I started doing all the Les Mills Programs and boot camps after my son was born, which lasted for about 5 yrs. 
  4. What is your coaching background? I previously coached kids with special needs (this was a different way of coaching, but one of the most amazing experiences I had)
  5. What do you enjoy about coaching CrossFit so far? There’s a lot of things, but I enjoy building that trusting relationship with a person, which allows me to help them better themselves. I get to see people do things they were not able to do before, and that’s very rewarding … to see them become stronger and improve each time they step in that gym.
  6. What do you bring to the team? I’m a shy, but very visual person, who likes to support and encourage people. I also feel like I can support the Spanish speakers in a more efficient way. 
  7. Favorite CrossFit movement? I love all the gymnastics movements, even though I’m still working on them. They are very challenging and need a lot of practice and strength (I’ve always liked all the things I can’t do)
  8. Favorite CrossFit movement to coach? .. all the body weight/cardio related movements (air squats, push-ups), or the ones with minimal gear(wall balls, pull ups, dumbbell movements)
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