CrossFit Warm-Ups

CrossFit Warm-Up
Although this quote from Kat was a joke, we do take our warm-ups seriously.
Let’s be real, if we left warm-ups to the individual, they will be skipped 99% of the time. This is why every CrossFit class at CrossFit Eminence includes a Coach led General and Specific Warm-Up to ensure everyone is ready and prepared for the workout.
We utilize the General Warm-Up to increase the core temperature and to get things prepared for the next phase – the Specific Warm-Up. We then use the Specific Warm-Up to prime the body for the movements that are in the workout. It is an opportunity for everyone to refine their technique and also helps individuals identify the proper loading or modifications for the workout. Our Coaches also use this opportunity to gauge individual movement for the day for scaling recommendations.
So next time you are in, come warm-up hard and get that “Fran Lung”. Properly warming up will keep you in the gym longer, which means more improvement!
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