To Our Prospective Members:

We started our journey to be healthier back in 2011. After trying several different options (including our own home garage gym), we knew that we wanted a place where we would be inspired to continuously create new goals, and to be motivated to attain them. More importantly, we needed a place that welcomed all levels of fitness, and didn’t judge our abilities, or make us feel like we were “in the way.” In 2014, we found CrossFit Eminence.

In 2019, we made the heartfelt decision to purchase Eminence – knowing that we were backed by our wonderful team and community, who wanted to keep our second home thriving. It was absolutely the right thing to do.

Today we offer a variety of challenging classes for all fitness levels, in order to provide the means of fulfilling any goal. We firmly believe in creating a place where our community can strive to be their best in a completely non-judgmental, and safe atmosphere. We have confidence that the right programming will help our members stay enthusiastic about striving to be their best self, and take pride that each of our classes are coached by inspiring and knowledgeable trainers.

Eminence is our second home and our coaches and members have become our extended ‘ohana (family). We welcome you to come check us out, and we hope that you see what we have experienced over the years – that there is no other place, and no other community like ours at CrossFit Eminence.

Chad & Kat
Owners of CrossFit Eminence and Eminence Barbell Club

Chad and Kat Rames
Chad & Kat in 2014 (above) and in 2019 (below)
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